Keratin Straightening Treatment

The Keratin Treatment is a keratin base solution that gently relaxes the hair and removes frizz. It is a revolutionary treatment that softens, smoothens, and gives you straight hair. 

Manicure (Natural Nails)

Eyelash (Extension) Application

Make-Up Application & Lessons

Daytime, Evening, Dramatic – Our main make-up lines are Motives® Cosmetics, Mirabella Beauty product, TEMPTU and Lizette Cosmetics. 


Hair Extensions

Before you schedule an appointment, we recommend that you visit us for an complimentary consultation; we will examine your hair and explain the hair extension system that would work best for you and your budget.

Custom Hair Color

Our hair color is a natural organic blend, we can create over 1000 color formula's.  Your color formula will be unique to you, which will enhance your skin tone making you look your best, along with your hair being healthy and shiney.

Precision Haircut

Follows the bone structure, head shape, growth direction, texture and density of your hair.


Exfoliating Facial Scrubs

Airbrush Make-Up

Caribbean Dream Relaxer

4 IN 1 Retexturizing and Conditioning Hair System. Go from curly to straight hair, or create soft and beautiful waves with Caribbean Dream™ Relaxer. This straightener is a new Retexturizing System that is safe and Thio-free, for beautiful, damage-free results.


Featured in Multiple Publications Including:

​      Passion International Books

       INSPIRE Hair Fashion for Salon Clients

Foot Scrubs & Softening (Mini Pedi-Spa)

Manicure & Pedicure

Eyebrow Shaping


Biominoil (Italian) Conditioning 

Biominoil is a natural product imported from Italy. This unique treatment deposits oils and then seals the cuticle to lock in color, leaving the hair shiny, healthy and full for body. The perfect conditioner especially after color, chemical treatment or to help recondition abused or stressed hair.


Chin or Lip Waxing

Triple AAA Smoothing System

A healthy alternative, Formaldehyde-Free        Amico Amino Amplex (Triple AAA) contains organic Amino Acids that build the interior and exterior keratin by nourishing the keratin and replacing lost acids. The hair becomes amplified with strength and shine. It controls the unwanted frizz and and curl then smoothes the hair to make it far more manageable.


Formal Style/ Bridal Parties

We specialize in Hair and Make-Up!!!!!  In the salon or on - location, you will look spectacular for your special event.


Pore Treatment

Eyelash (Strip) Application


Face Masks